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Do You Need Divorce Consultation?

For most people divorce is a scary and confusing process. Law, lawyers and courts seem intimidating. You worry if you and your children will be alright.  You hear the horror stories as well-meaning but ill-advised friends and relatives vie to give you advice.  But most of this advice is destructive as it eggs you on to fight. You’re encouraged to find an “aggressive lawyer” who will protect your “rights.” So if you are like most people you eventually hire a lawyer about whom you know very little. You pay a large retainer and become a client. Then you wait.  The process crawls along with one adjournment and delay after another and you wait some more.  Calls to your lawyer are often unanswered or returned days later. You begin to feel helpless and out of control.

This rather extreme picture doesn’t happen to everybody but it happens to many.

If you are caught up in this you wonder how it happened. What would you have had to do to obtain a better outcome? What would you have to do to grab control of your divorce now? If only you had a better understanding of how it all works. If only you had someone who understood the system who could advise you and help you feel more in control. So where to turn?

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