Divorce Coaching

What is Divorce Coaching?

Divorce coaching helps you make informed decisions to create a fair and acceptable agreement for both parties. By having a divorce coach, you are assured that all the decisions you must make throughout the divorce process are made well.

Making the right decisions requires an understanding of how the divorce system works. You need a coach who:

  • Understands the legal process, the emotional process, and how the two processes interact.
  • Can provide good information and will patiently walk you through your options.
  • Will support you emotionally as you work through the process and make the decisions that will shape your divorce and your future.

How Does Divorce Coaching Work?

With more than 35 years of experience as a divorce lawyer and mediator, I have helped thousands of couples achieve amicable and constructive divorces. I know:

  • How the system works
  • I understand how the emotional process of divorce interacts with the legal process and how a decision in one affects what happens in the other.

I can help you avoid actions that destroy the chance of amicable divorce.

  • Where you need to learn about divorce, I can teach you.
  • I can explain the economic, emotional, and practical issues of divorce.
  • And when you are struggling with difficult decisions I can coach you to reach the best decisions for you and your family.

I provide expert, informed and wise counsel at any stage of a divorce.  As your divorce coach, I can help you:

  • Avoid the common mistakes very early in the process that sour a divorce before it even begins
  • Decide whether you want conventional representation or mediation and help you choose the right professional.
  • Develop realistic expectations of your lawyer and help you hold your lawyer accountable.
  • If you have developed a bad relationship with your lawyer, I can help you take charge and make a change.

How Virtual Divorce Coaching Work?

Despite some differences most state’s divorce laws are essentially similar. A few states have community property while most have “equitable distribution.” But even though these are different laws, in practice most divorces are resolved with an equal division of marital property.

A few states don’t have alimony. But in those that do have alimony it only appears in about 15% of divorces. That is because in most marriages both spouses are employed and have incomes. So as a practical matter differences in state laws do not affect most divorces.

What is important is that no matter where you live all divorces have to solve the same problems.

  • How do we organize to share parenting in a way that is good for all family members?
  • How do we distribute available income so that we make the most efficient use of resources so that all members of the family thrive?
  • How do we divide our property so that we all have a fair share?
  • And finally and most important, how do we go about deciding these things in a way that doesn’t leave us emotionally and financially exhausted.

The critical questions must be answered no matter where you live.

Because I have been helping people answer these questions for more than 35 years, and because I understand how the emotional process of divorce interacts with the legal process I help people throughout the US resolve their divorces without bitterness and unnecessary pain. Whether we work face to face in the same room or face to face on video conference makes no difference.


“Thank you very much. You are undoubtedly one of the most caring men I have ever met. I cannot thank you enough for the compassionate assistance you provided throughout this very sensitive process. The understanding and insight you so generously provided through mediation ensured an amicable settlement in a difficult separation.  Due to your careful involvement, the divorce has proceeded without any unnecessary complexity or confusion.”



“I felt a huge sense of relief today. I think the work you’ve done is extraordinary. In 4 or 5 sessions you did more than our previous mediator did in two years.”



” Sam’s gifts to us of listening, time, care, encouragement and counsel during a time of such fear and darkness are things I will never forget. “



“When I first called Sam I was distraught depressed and desperate. My husband and I could not even be in the same room without fighting.

It the first visit he laid it all out in simple and realistic terms. My soon to be ex-husband listened and realized that this was the simplest solution and best for our children.

Sam helped us go to work on a separation agreement and changed our focus on our difficulties together to one that focused on our relationships with our children. Sam saved us thousands of dollars in legal fees and enabled us to co-parent our children.

Divorce is hard enough. Sam’s cut to the chase manner and communication skills makes it just a little easier. He saved us thousands of dollars and helped us move on to better lives as quickly as possible.”

-Holly Burdick


“Each couple when they marry never imagine they will divorce. Sam’s good  counsel and advice at a time when it is most needed is something you will never regret.  He is “The Divorce Whisperer!”

-Barbara George


“I honestly do not know how I would have gotten through my divorce without Sam. There is no question that his training and experience are unmatched.

However, what makes Sam so unique is his personal and humanistic approach. He is patient and works to understand you as a person not just a client.

Sam goes above and beyond to make sure that each person fees heard, understood and advocated for. He takes the time to really understand you, your marriage (and children), your pains and your fears and your hope for the future.

In addition to being direct and honest, Sam is also very empathetic and kind….qualities that are hard to find in family law professionals. This is why Sam is truly unmatched and successful.”

-Makeba Melbourne


“Sam Margulies mediated my divorce. He brought wisdom, experience and knowledge (plus a sense of humor) to our situation and helped us work out a fair and amicable arrangement.

My ex husband and I are still on good terms many years later, and have succeeded in working together collaboratively around co-parenting as well.”

-Batya Swift Yasgur