The Seven Myths About Divorce

negotiationMyth #1: If I Divorce There Will Be a Trial

There are many myths about divorce. The first is there will be a trial. Come learn more about this myth and the reality of divorce.

Myth #2: You Need an Aggressive Lawyer

do i need a lawyer ?

When you begin your divorce you’re often encouraged to find the most aggressive lawyer in town. That’s not correct. Come learn more about how things can be done.

fighting coupleMyth #3: Divorce Requires a Fight

Divorce is always portrayed in movies and TV as a fight. The truth is, it normally isn’t and it doesn’t have to be.

Myth #4: I Have to Worry About Hidden Assetshidden money

Are you in getting a divorce and wondering about your spouse and hidden assets? The Reality: Hidden assets are seldom a problem. Get the facts.

spouse moving outMyth #5: If I Leave the Home I Can Be Accused of Abandonment

There comes a time in every divorce when a couple must physically separate. How can I protect myself?

Myth #6: Divorce Has to Cost A Lot of Moneylawyers cost a lot of money

99% of divorces are resolved by negotiation, therefore not expensive. Come learn the facts about how much divorce costs.

child custodyMyth #7: Will I Not Get Custody and Lose the Children?

Have you heard the judge will determine what is in the best interests of the children and will award custody accordingly?